Selecting Shurflo Pumps

Part Numbers
If you are looking for a specific Shurflo pump - don't take Shurflo the part number too seriously.  Shurflo changes part numbers at a rate unmatched by anyone in the industry.  Many part numbers are valid only for a matter of months and it is not uncommon for any given part number to only be used for a just few weeks.  Part number changes are often done for internal documentation reasons and may or may not represent a functional change in the product.

Pump Specifications
Give the problem with part numbers, one would hope to be able to rely on matching specifications.  Unfortunately, this too can be problematic.  For example, pumps labeled with a flow rate of 3.3 and 3.5 gpm are actually the same pump.  The same inconsistency holds true for the "AMPS" rating.  The amount of current a pumps draws will depend (among other things) on what pressure it is pumping against.  Shurflo sometimes uses a "MAX" rating and other times uses a "typical" or even "open flow" rating.

Bottom Line
Considering all of the above, it is quite possible (even likely) to have two or more identical pumps with seemingly unrelated part numbers and each labeled with different flow rates and current draws.

The Good News
The good news is that there are really only a few different Shurflo pumps and about three different bases (mounts).  All of the pumps which use screw-on fittings share the same hose connections.

What To Do
To select the right pump (whether it is for a replacement or new installation) simply choose the correct voltage and a flow rate which is close (within .3 gpm) of the rating that you need.  Note that some pumps (070-0100) do not have an integral pressure control and are designed for water circulation only.