Molded ABS Hatches

R-28 RParts Super-Insulated Hatches

The R-28 hatch is designed for RParts using high quality molded ABS plastic giving you the same smooth, easy to clean surface you find in your home refrigerator.  Double sealed with the top seal formed using a magnetic gasket ensures an airtight seal on every closing.  The gasket seals are mounted to the lid itself to prevent dirt build-up on the seals and the well radiused frame corners permit easy cleaning.

Three hatch sizes are available to select from.  Click on the actual part number below to view the specifications.  See our recommended installation diagram for one mounting idea.

Uninstalled Hatch                         Closed Hatch

RParts Small Hatch - 8" x 10.625" Opening
Model: HATCHES:500-0100
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