DC Motors

RParts stocks both the industry-standard Leeson and high-performance Glacier Bay DC motors in 12V and 24V.  Leeson motors are standard in several marine refrigeration systems and are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer building their own belt-driven DC system.  Those looking for the best motor available today will want to take advantage of the special arrangement RParts has made to stock Glacier Bay's high-performance "LS" and "HS" motors.  Glacier Bay "LS" and "HS" Motors are perfect match for our line of Bitzer Compressors.

Leeson - 1/4hp 12v
Model: MOTORS:060-0025
Qty: 1


Leeson Brush Spring (all)
Model: MOTORS:060-0032
Qty: 5


Leeson - 1/3hp 24v
Model: MOTORS:060-0034
Qty: 1


Leeson - 1/2hp 12v
Model: MOTORS:060-0100
Qty: 0


Leeson Brush Set - 1/4 & 1/2 HP
Model: MOTORS:060-0150
Qty: 0


Leeson - 1/2hp 24v
Model: MOTORS:060-0200
Qty: 1


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