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Parts for Grunert Caribbean Engine Driven Systems  Grunert Engine Driven with Diesel Kiki compressor

Compressors: Caribbean Engine Driven systems used two different over the years.  The compressor in the photo on the right is the Diesel Kiki.  The compressor in your system can be matched to the compressor photos in the items listed below to select the replacement from either the CCI or Diesel Kiki compressors.




Parts for Grunert Mariner DC Belt Driven SystemsGrunert Mariner DC Belt Driven with Blissfield CA compressor

Compressors: Some models used Blissfield CA compressors as shown.  Other models we are trying to determine which compressor was used.  Help us determine the compressors used and get 10% off your entire order.

DC Motors:  After 1990 these systems used Leeson DC motors.  We stock Leeson brushes and motors.


CCI (York) Compressor - 6.1 cu. in. Model 206
Model: COMPRESSORS:010-0600
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Diesel Kiki Compressor w/12v Clutch
Model: COMPRESSORS:010-1200
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