RParts hatches are extremely versatile and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.  The tops of the hatches are unfinished and need to be covered to match your countertop or cabinet material (i.e. Formica, tile, Corian, teak ply, etc.).  Below is one suggested way to complete the installation.

Most customers change the installation to suit their application.  For example, if installing the hatch in an existing countertop it may be desirable to cut an opening for the hatch frame and use a router to countersink the frame below the countertop level. Filler pieces could then be used to give a finished look to the installation.  Alternately, a complete new new countertop surface could be installed and extended over the hatch frame area.  There are many ways to complete the final installation and get a first-class, professional-looking end result.

CAUTION - Remember, your RParts hatch is insulated using vacuum insulation.  DO NOT DRILL OR SCREW INTO THE PANEL.  To mount hinges, ring pulls and latches you need to first epoxy on your  countertop material (plywood/Formica, plywood/tile, Corian or similar) and screw into that - not your hatch.

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