3 Flashes, Error 3

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"3 Flashes, Error 3"

Postby jim » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:00 pm

"Hi, I have and still live full time aboard my sailing vessel "Scot Free" since it's purchase at Trinidad in 2001. A BD50F 101Z 1220 Danfoss 12VDC Water Cooled Capillary Tube System had been installed by the previous owner. In the 9 years since, it has worked well, having only had to be serviced twice, in which I think they may have added R134a, the last time in 2006. This past May-June, I did a haul out for about a month, and of course had to shut down the system. After putting the boat back in the water, the system has not been working well. It does not get cold. There is a set of gauges that were on board, and after some reading and trying to see whats happening, this is what I come up with. The LED flashes 3 times, a error type: "Motor Start error, the Rotor is blocked or the differential pressure in the refrigeration system is too high >5 bar". Indeed, the motor would try to start, but in a second or so, stop. In the sight glass, liquid which was about 1/3 full, would rise some. In a minute or so, it would try again, and the same results. I hooked up the gauges, I purged them, in so doing, may have lost more gas than is proper, but got a reading of about 74 on the blue line and 103 on the red. After a couple hours, of restarts, the blue line got down to about 67, and the red to about 98. I have looked for information on the internet for the answers to the following questions, but, so far no luck, perhaps you can answer them: 1, How to Unblock the "Rotor"? (if that's the problem, the units sealed?). 2, What should the pressures be? 3, How to correct the differential in the pressure? I added some R134a, but don't know how much is too much? Or too little? Any information that may lead to fixing this problem would be most welcome. Thank you."
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Postby Richard Pendergast » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:01 pm

Did you ever solve this problem? I'm having the exact same issue and I can't figure it out. Any ideas?
Richard Pendergast
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