Air Cooled Condensers

RParts stocks air cooled coils that are suitable for use as both condensers and evaporators. They are constructed of copper tube and aluminum fins for easy installation and high performance. Coil 012-1001 can be used with our fan shroud (055-0181) and DC fans (071-0100 or 071-0200) to build a compact, efficient air cooled condenser for Danfoss compressors.  For capacity guidance and photo click on the part number.

Air Cooled Condenser 7"x9" 2R7H
Model: CONDENSORS:012-1001
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Air Cooled Condenser 7"x9" 2R7H with fan shroud
Model: CONDENSORS:012-1002
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Air Cooled Condenser 7.875"x9" 3R8H with fan shroud
Model: CONDENSORS:012-1003
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SS Fan Shroud (fits PN 012-1001)
Model: MOUNTING PARTS:055-0181
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