DC Hermetic - Danfoss & Masterflux

Danfoss and Masterflux are leaders in hermetic DC refrigeration.  Danfoss DC compressors are used in most of the small or low capacity marine refrigeration systems in use today.  Masterflux pioneered the high output DC compressor which has been used in systems such as Glacier Bay's Micro HPS.  This category contains DC Compressor and controllers from both of these companies.

In 1977, Danfoss introduced the first of their BD models.  The BD compressors were the first to be designed specifically for refrigerator and freezer use under low-voltage DC power.  The product was an instant success and has since dominated the industry to such an extent that there virtually remain no competitors to this day.  With the discontinuation of the smallest of their compressors (BD 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0), Danfoss now has three models in production - BD35F, BD50F and BD80F.  

Micro HPS Terminal Kit
Model: 290-0006
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Danfoss BD150F Compressor
Model: COMPRESSORS:010-0150
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Mounting feet for Danfoss BD Compressors
Model: COMPRESSORS:010-1120
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