Marine Air Conditioning Systems

Pacific Sea Breeze PSB A/C Units are a series of self-contained, direct-expansion, seawater-cooled, reverse-cycle (heatpump) HVAC systems designed for marine use. This series of PSB Units utilize rotary compressors, which offers quiet operation ,light weight, and low starting and running  power requirements.

The PSB self contained units provide compressor/water cooled condenser, evaporator/blower/air handler functions, and the electronic controller/junction box. The thermostat and thermostat cable are also included.
The following installation parts must be ordered seperately - raw water pump, supply duct and vents, return air vent, power wiring and other misc installation parts.  
Features / Specifications :
Models / Capacities : 7K, 9K, 12K, 16K, 24K and 36K BTU/H
Power Requirements : 120V/60Hz standard or 220V/60Hz, 110V/50Hz, 220V/50Hz, 380V/50Hz as a special order. 
Compressor : Toshiba high efficiency scroll compressor,
Air Handler : High efficiency, low-noise blower greatly reducing the noise and improve the comfort of the cabin
Self Contained : units include compressor/water cooled condenser unit, evaporator/blower/air handler, thermostat and thermostat cables
Heating Capacity : Reverse cycle heating mode just as in a residential heatpump.  When seawater temperature is 4°C, the heating capacity will be more than 70% of rated capacity and increases with water temperature.
Installation : Small enough to be hidden in a cabinet, under the settee or berth or other convenient locations


Micro HPS 3500 12v dc refrigeration system
Model: 011-3500
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Micro HPS 3500 24v dc refrigeration system
Model: 011-3501
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PSB-10K Heat Pump 115V 60Hz
Model: SYSTEMS:011-2002
Qty: 1


PSB-7K Heat Pump 115V 60Hz
Model: SYSTEMS:011-2001
Qty: 1


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