Even the least technical among us realize that a cracked, loose or non-existent door gasket spells big trouble for any refrigerator.  Brittle and leaking seals lead to warm box temperatures, spoiled food, high energy consumption and heavy frost buildup on evaporators and holding plates.  Unfortunately, it seems that there are as many different types of gaskets as there are refrigerator box manufacturers.  RPARTS offers a wide range of gasket profiles, sizes and materials. If you need assistance in selecting the most appropriate gasket for your project, call us at (831) 600-7878 and ask to speak to one of our technicians.

Bulk Gasket

RPARTS offers an impressive selection of profiles in our "Bulk" gasket.  Just order the number of linear feet you need and glue, staple or nail it in place.  Beveled corners can be cut with sharp knife and glued together with a material-appropriate cement.

Custom Gaskets

RPARTS provides a wide array of custom gaskets. Please call (831) 600-7878 for a quote.

Model: GASKETS:028-0002
Qty: 3


Twin Hollow Gasket 3/4" wide
Model: GASKETS:028-0003
Qty: 1


0.44" thick x 0.75 wide 'D' Gasket (10ft)
Model: GASKETS:028-0004
Qty: 0


Model: GASKETS:028-0005
Qty: 1


Model: GASKETS:028-0006
Qty: 0


.50" x .31" Ribbed Foam, Self Adhesive
Model: GASKETS:028-0007
Qty: 203


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