Tube-in-Shell Condensers

RParts tube-in-shell condensers pack a lot of cooling power into a small package.  These 2" diameter units are now available in three lengths and are built specifically for marine use.  All condensers are made of 90-10 copper-nickel, include a zinc anode for double protection against corrosion, and have a condenser grounding stud for a bonding wire.  Life expectancy of the zinc anode depends on the amount and intensity of stray electrical currents in the area and should be inspected every 6 months.   

The 012-0750 condenser is manufactured by the same company that made the part for a leading refrigeration system manufacturer.  It has an unique feature as the rubber end caps can be removed to accommodate cleaning and demineralization of the water passages.  Mineral deposit build up will make heat exchange with the passing water more difficult.  How often it should be cleaned is dependent on the temperature and mineral content of the cooling water in addition to the type of cooling (i.e. refrigerator, freezer or air conditioning application).  The condenser comes complete with zinc anode, rubber end caps, and rubber end cap clamps. 

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Spare Zinc Anode for 012-0400
Model: CONDENSORS:012-0550
Qty: 23


Spare Zinc Anode for 012-0750
Model: CONDENSORS:012-0560
Qty: 0


Condenser End Cap for 012-0750
Model: CONDENSORS:012-0701
Qty: 9


Tube-In-Shell Condenser (See Replacement Model 012-0400)
Model: CONDENSORS:012-0750
Qty: 0


Tube-In-Shell Mounting Brackets (pair)
Model: MOUNTING PARTS:055-0010
Qty: 7


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