Thermostats & Pressure Switches

More and more system manufacturers are moving to electronic thermostats.  Why?  Because electronic controls offer a degree of flexibility and level of precision that simply cannot be matched by mechanical thermostats. 

Whether you are looking to replace the mechanical thermostat in your existing system or find one for a new one you are building, you can't do better than a "Carel".  We currently offer two models, the IR32W00 “W” and IR32V0E “V” thermostats.  The "W" is similar to the "V" model except that it can regulate the system operation by using a second internal relay within the thermostat.  The second internal relay allows another method of controlling the system with two sets of parameters rather than just one.  Click on the part number for programming instructions.

Temperature probe must be ordered separately.  It is not included with the control.  Add a second probe to the same control to get temperature readouts from two different locations.

If you're replacing a mechanical thermostat, we suggest the Carel Retrofit DIY Kit located in Systems and Kits section under DIY Kits.  This kit includes all the parts required to upgrade from mechanical to electronic digital and a step by step manual.  You'll have the kit ready to install within a couple of hours.

Red Tinned Primary Wire 18 awg - per foot
Model: WIRE & CABLE:211-0082
Qty: 11


Full Gauge Temperature Probe
Model: CONTROLS:015-0012
Qty: 15


SS Bracket for Mechanical Thermostats
Model: CONTROLS:015-0280
Qty: 67


Knob Temperature Label
Model: CONTROLS:015-0286
Qty: 122


Four Conductor Cable - 18/4- per foot
Model: WIRE & CABLE:241-0001
Qty: 130


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