Type IY

The Type IY is the smaller of our two Bitzer models.  It is very similar to the larger Type II (below) but does not have an oil level sight glass.  The compressor includes a 180mm (7")   pulley.  The pulley is compatible with "A" style (1/2") V-belts.  The valves are mounted on either side so that (facing the pulley) the suction is on the right and the discharge is on the left.  The valves may be rotated with their mounting brackets.

You will notice that we have not given these compressors a "horsepower" designation.  Instead, we have provided a selection of pulleys and motors which will operate within the speed limitations of the compressors and will not overload the motor in refrigeration or freezer applications.  Customers who want to use other motors or pulleys and/or want to use the compressors in an application other than marine refrigerator/freezer will need to make their selection based on the information provided in the Bitzer Compressors Factory Applications Information Guide and the Bitzer Compressors Operating Guide.  Remember, the power required to drive a compressor is a function of many things - not just compressor size.  The input power required by a given compressor will depend on the type of refrigerant, condensing temperature, evaporator temperature and a host of other factors.  Understanding these is crucial for anyone building their own refrigeration system with the compressors shown on this page.  To gain a better understanding of the many factors which influence the input power required, we recommend reading Nigel Calder's "Refrigeration For Pleasureboats" which is available in our books section.

Also, see Recommended Motor-Pulley Combinations for this compressor.

The Bitzer compressors sold by RParts are "Y" designated meaning that they come pre-charged with POE oil and are compatible will all refrigerants.  If you are replacing a compressor in a system which has previously had mineral oil in it, you may use these compressors without flushing the residual mineral oil from the system.

A note about shaft seals
Bitzers are "open-drive" type compressors.  This means that the drive shaft penetrates the case and uses a seal to prevent refrigerant from escaping into the atmosphere.  While open drive compressors are extremely common (your car air conditioner has one), there is a lot of confusion about them.  It you would like to know more about the subject, see our
Guide to Compressor Shaft Seals.

Basic Specifications:

bullet Refrigerant:
R-12, 134a, 22, 502, 404a
bullet Speed Range:
465 - 975 rpm
bullet Number of Cylinders:
bullet Displacement:
3.00 cu. in. (49 cc)
bullet Oil Charge:
13 oz ( POE)
bullet Discharge/Suction Valves:
3/8" / 1/2"
bullet Height:
Spec. Sheet
bullet Weight:
29.7 lbs (13.5 kg)

Type IY Compressor w/Pulley
Model: COMPRESSORS:010-0301
Qty: 0


Shaft Seal Kit - Type IY
Model: COMPRESSORS:010-0304
Qty: 1


Compressor Valve Gasket (ea.) - All Bitzer
Model: COMPRESSORS:010-0305
Qty: 3


Bitzer Compressor Pulley
Model: COMPRESSORS:010-0306
Qty: 4


Standard Pulley Key - Type IY
Model: COMPRESSORS:010-0307
Qty: 4


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