Glacier Bay Mark II

RPARTS items for the Glacier Bay Mark II system.

Below is the list of RPARTS.COM items identified for the Glacier Bay Mark II system.  This section is under construction therefore this is not a complete list.  RPARTS.COM stocks at least 40 different parts for the Mark II and all 40 parts will soon be listed here. 

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The Mark II can be identified by one refrigerant line running from top and the second refrigerant line connected to the side of the cylinder head of the compressor.  Also, the Mark II has an oil sight glass on the side of the crankcase of the compressor.  The Mark II uses the low speed DC motor at 675 RPM.  The Mark II systems were painted blue as were most Glacier Bay systems.  The Mark II is an R134a system.


The Mark II was the last open drive compressor model offered by Glacier Bay.  The only system after the Mark II was the Micro HPS which used a hermetic compressor (motor is sealed inside the compressor housing).

Suction Accumulator 4" X 11"
Model: Suction Accum:078-1005
Qty: 0


0X - Danfoss Orifice
Model: VALVES:095-0001
Qty: 0


00 - Danfoss Orifice
Model: VALVES:095-0002
Qty: 3


TEN2 - Externally Equalized TXV R-134a
Model: VALVES:095-0020
Qty: 0


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