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'D' Holdover Plate - Pre-Filled for Freezer

'D' Holdover Plate - Pre-Filled for Freezer

'D' Holdover Plate - 16 x 16 x 2.75 in. (2400 BTU) - dual refrigerant circuit

The plate is empty by default, so if you need the holding plate filled with Propylene Glycol Solution before shipping, please add the appropriate option below.  If you do not select an option the plate will ship empty.


For filled plates, the +24 degrees F option is appropriate for a refrigerator application and the 0 degrees F option is appropriate for a freezer application.

If you choose to order the plate empty do not exceed the capacity below which allows 8% volume for expansion of the solution.


Freezer: 26% Solution


Freezer: 26% Solution


Refrig: 14% Solution


Refrig: 14% Solution


   'A' Plate 018-0101   

88.8 oz 31.2 oz 103.2 oz 16.8 oz

'B' Plate 018-0102

161.0 oz 57.0 oz 192.5 oz 25.5 oz

'C' Plate 018-0103

241.0 oz 85.0 oz 282.0 oz 44.0 oz

'D' Plate 018-0104

248.0 oz 88.0 oz 289.0 oz 47.0 oz






Available Options:
Filled or Empty:
You Must Select One --->
Refrigerator: +24F ( + $20.00 )
Freezer: 0 degrees F ( + $20.00 )
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 29 July, 2017.
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