Filter/Driers/Sight Glasses

Filter-driers do exactly what the name implies.  They filter contaminates out of the refrigerant stream and and remove any residual moisture which may have been introduced during the installation and/or charging process.  They also act to neutralize acid which forms as a result of the interaction of moisture and oil.  While it has always been a good idea to use a high-quality filter-drier, the recent change to new refrigerants and oils make it more important than ever.  Filter-driers should be changed whenever the refrigerant circuit needs to be broken during service and annually on any system which uses rubber refrigerant hose.

C-032 - 1/4" flare
Model: FILTER DRIERS:020-0032
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C-032-S filter drier 1/4" Solder
Model: FILTER DRIERS:020-0033
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C-052 - 1/4" flare
Model: FILTER DRIERS:020-0052
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C-053 - 3/8" flare
Model: FILTER DRIERS:020-0053
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C-082 - 1/4" flare
Model: FILTER DRIERS:020-0082
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C-083 - 3/8" flare
Model: FILTER DRIERS:020-0083
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