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Danfoss 12/24v 3-Pin Power Module for BD50F/35F w/AEO 101N0320

Danfoss 12/24v 3-Pin Power Module for BD50F/35F w/AEO 101N0320


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Model:  COMPRESSORS:010-1179

Manufacturer:  RParts


Danfoss 12/24v Power Module for BD50F/35F w/AEO (3-pin). AEO is Adative Energy Optimization which uses the variable speed capabilities of the BD50F and BD35F instead of using a resistor to select the compressor speed. With AEO the compressor speed is dynamically adjusted to match the load. Danfoss 101N0320 The datasheet can accessed by clicking the following link : datasheet Additional application notes on AEO can be accessed through the following link : AEO application note The application note is for the predecessor 101N0300 which was discontinued. The 101N0320 is the improved unit with better shielding eliminating possible radio interference from the 101N0300. The information in the application note is relevent to the 101N0320 as well.

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