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Carel Retrofit DIY Digital Thermostat Kit

Carel Retrofit DIY Digital Thermostat Kit


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Model:  SYSTEMS:011-1020

Manufacturer:  RParts


Carel Retrofit DIY Kit (Analog to Carel Digital Thermostat)
Change your broken or inaccurate manual / analog thermostat into the programmable and very accurate Carel Digital Thermostat.

The Carel retrofit kit is ideal for upgrading your standard mechanical thermostat to digital. It is suitable for any 12 or 24-volt DC condensing unit powered by a Danfoss BD series of DC compressors. Upgrading to a Carel digital thermostat allows for a more efficient and optimized system. The digital thermostat will give you complete control of the set point and the differential thermostat operation.

The set point value is the temperature at which the system will turn off and the set point plus the differential value is the temperature at which the system will turn on. Add an optional second temperature probe to display box temperature.

We have assembled the kit using parts available through RParts. See the link to the manual below to review the complete parts list included with this kit. You may want to get one of our refrigeration books to help you design your box and system. We recommend "Refrigeration for Pleasureboats" by Nigel Calder.

Also, here is an article by one of our customers who replaced a older thermostat with one of ours - "Adding an Electronic Thermostat"

Kits are easy to put together with basic mechanical and soldering ability. We have put together an extensive assembly and installation manual for your use.

Click here to review the manual

---- Parts List (for complete list see the manual) ----
015-0000  SS Mounting Bracket for Carel Thermostats
015-0005  Carel Electronic Digital Thermostat - 015-0005
015-0002  Carel NTC Temperature Probe - 015-0002
017-2000  1 1/4 x 1/4 in Fast Acting Fuse - 2A
017-2011  10 amp In-Line Fuse Holder
017-3101  16 amp Rocker Switch (SPST) - 125 vdc
241-0001  12 ft Multiconductor Cable 18/4

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