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Carel IR33V Digital Thermostat.  Replaces Model 015-0001.

Carel IR33V Digital Thermostat. Replaces Model 015-0001.


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Model:  CONTROLS:015-0005

Manufacturer:  RParts


015-0005 Carel SPDT - Model IR33V7LR20 Electronic Digital Thermostat - Standard.

This unit replaces 015-0001 Carel SPDT - Model IR32V Electronic Digital Thermostat - Standard which is no longer in production.


Carel Control Programming Instructions

The Carel Digital Electronic Thermostat is extremely powerful and versatile.  Once programmed, it will operate for years with no changes.  However, because it can be used in so many different ways, the purchaser will need to initially program the control to operate to their specifications.  This page will link you to one example of programming instructions.

Intermediate Instructions -
These instructions set the control to function under two different set point and differential settings optimizing system operations .  They are easy to follow and give excellent results.

Complete Manual -
For the truly adventurous electronic aficionado.  If you want to set this control up to something unusual, you probably can.  However, you'll need to decipher this manual first.

This thermostat is the Carel IR33V SPDT Digital thermostat which is the standard for systems like Glacier Bay.  We offer two Carel models, the IR33W “W” and IR33V “V” thermostats.  The "W" is similar to the "V" model except that it can regulate the system operation by using a second internal relay within the thermostat.  The second internal relay allows another method of controlling the system with two sets of parameters rather than just one.

Temperature probe must be ordered separately.  It is not included with the control.  Add a second probe to the same control to get temperature readouts from two different locations.







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