12/24VDC/120VAC Module for BD35F/50F(AC converter) 101N0500/0510  Product 5 of 20 in category DC Hermetic - Danfoss & Masterflux  12/24v 3-Pin Power Module for BD50F 101N0230
12/24v 3-Pin Power Module Danfoss model 101N0212

12/24v 3-Pin Power Module Danfoss model 101N0212


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Model:  COMPRESSORS:010-1154

Manufacturer:  RParts


This item is eqivalent to the 101N0210 which is no longer being manufactured.  The Danfoss/SECOP replacement is 101N0212.

RPARTS model 010-1153 is a higher performance replacement module for both the 101N0210 and the 101N0212 Danfoss 12/24v Power Module for BD50F/35F (3-pin).

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